Information for Venues

SpeedQuizzing (also known as a SmartPhone Pub Quiz) is a quiz game designed primarily for pubs/bars.

A customer downloads a free app onto their own smart device which allows them (with a group of friends) to take part in a pub quiz in the same way they would with a pen and paper quiz but with some notable differences. We can provide tablets for this, but most people like to use their own.

Like to see more ? Just contact me for a free live demo !

How does Speed Quizzing work ?

  • We read out the questions using a microphone similar to a traditional pub quiz.
  • Teams answer the question using their phone/tablet in conjunction with the free app
  • We instantly know who has answered correctly and can announce this, together with bonus points for the team who answers the quickest.
  • Sound bytes are used to congratulate the quickest team – each team has their own sound byte.
  • Throughout the evening we have live information about the scores and can be displayed after each round.
  • In between each round we have a 10 minute breakout to allow teams to go to the bar etc.

How will I advertise the event ?

Once you have agreed to hold a quiz, we will provide 50 table talkers and 10 A4 posters for you to use for advertising. We also advertise your quiz on our own Facebook page and the details will be available on the Speesquizzing Website. We recommend you use whatever is available to yourself (website, social media, word of mouth) to try and spread the word.

We are always honest – sometimes it is a marathon not a sprint and you may find the first few quizzes are a little quiet, but once word gets around about how much fun can be had you should see numbers attending steadily increase.

What will it cost me ?

A very important question and we like to work with you as much as possible. We did have a general fixed fee, but now have different options to suit your venue – please contact us to discuss further.

How will my venue make money from this ?

We run our quizzes midweek to try and encourage people to visit your establishment when it may otherwise be a bit quieter. With plenty advertising, and giving people a great night, you should see your custom steadily increase.

We also have advertising opportunities where adverts appear on the phones/tablets that people are using to answer the quiz questions in between rounds and if an external display is used, again adverts can be placed on here – ideal if you have any meal deals or other events.

We can get someone to do a quiz free/cheaper

No doubt you can and I can’t dispute that. The speedquiz I offer though brings your quiz nights up to date. Long gone are the pens and paper, my quizzes are very interactive, fun and addictive. The operating costs to run a speedquiz are high due to the technology used and also each quiz used is unique, but the reaction from people attending will speak for itself. The quizzes I choose also reflect the clientele attending, and after a few weeks I can tailor this even more.